Edgar Cayce’s 3-Day Apple Fast

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Boomer Health Report

Edgar Cayce recommended 3-day Apple Fasts to hundreds of people to ‘cleanse all toxic forces from any body’ and said that fasting is one of the most effective ways of preventing disease. He himself fasted on apples for 3 days, three times a year.

This Apple Fast provides not only the benefits of the malic acid in apples, but also gives you large amounts of natural pectin fiber to cleanse the intestinal tract.

The pectin leeches toxins from the blood stream and intestines and will leech anything with food value so do not eat anything else and do not take vitamins at this time.

Edgar Cayce says that vitamins serve only to assist in the absorption and digestion of other foods and are useless by themselves, anyway.

He goes on to suggest 3 week breaks from taking your vitamins so that your body doesn’t become dependant on them and thus fail to

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