Concealed Carry in a Gun Free Zone: Violations Have Consequences

First, we here certainly do not condone the violations of any laws. You may not like the laws, they may seem or may actually be unfair on the face of it, and even be stupid laws in some cases, but the law is the law, and violations of the law can cause you to lose your Concealed Carry Permit, possible forfeiture of your firearm, fines and/or prison sentences in some cases.

Most rational gun owners realize that gun free zones in most cases, do not save lives or curb gun violence, and gun free zones may even entice mass shooters to target those areas.

There are gun free zones enacted by private businesses that to some people seem more like a statement against the Second Amendment, than an attempt to curb gun violence. However, in the United States, we not only have the Second Amendment we also have the First…

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