Can A Black Hole Be Destroyed?

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Can A Black Hole Be Destroyed?
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Black Holes!—And revelations, I guess. But as a Muse plug aside–the very nature of these cosmic anomalies is the stuff of hypothetical legend, because it’s no secret that we humans are equal parts intrigued and equal parts terrified by the reality-bending mechanics of what Black Holes are, what they could be–and what they’re going to do, because if we’re correct, at the end of all things–only Black Holes will remain. But until then, as the question is so often raised, can we do anything to combat the Eater of Worlds, The Singularity–The Black Hole. Or do we just have to close our eyes, avoid their gaze–and hope that they will they just fizzle out on their own. Hm. Let’s find out.

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