Before You Decide To Put On A Bathing Suit & Dive In…Here Are The 10 Most Dangerous Lakes & Rivers In The World

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Lakes and rivers are an important part of the world’s ecosystem, they provide us with not only drinking water, but also provide us with a natural highway on which we can travel. Not only that, but these bodies of water provide us with fish to eat. The world is 70 percent water, so it’s probably a good thing that the stuff is good for us. We can drink it, swim in it, grow food with it and just plain live because of it.

However, certain bodies of water are shockingly harmful to us. Interacting with some lakes and rivers can hurt us, make us sick, or even kill us. I know, it’s almost hard to believe that these lakes and rivers would be hazardous to our health and it’s not just because of man-made pollution either, mother nature is partly to blame.

Watch the video below and you’ll see just

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