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30 Money-Saving Stockpiling Tips

One common factor among preppers is their stockpile. It is their way of preparing for the day of the apocalypse and making sure that they would have all that they need for months or years to come when it happens. Stockpiling is a fun way to store items with long shelf lives by the bulk. It’s actually an art where preppers would buy items in bulk at very low prices. The amount of satisfaction is immeasurable when they realize how much money they saved by doing[…]

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28 Tips for Staying Safe in a Crowd or Riot

Times have changed for a lot of people living in urban areas.  The traffic, the busy streets,  and the seemingly never-ending streaming crowds, especially during rush hours can be an overwhelming feeling. With the freedom of speech and expression constantly in effect, people can flood the streets as a form of protest. More often than not,  riot police can be expected to emerge to keep things under control. However, that protest then can turn into a full- scale riot as the tension builds up. The clubbing, the running, rocks and other objects whizzing by, Molotov cocktails and looting can be a petrifying experience. It could be a life-threatening situation if caught[…]

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