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Middlebury College Will Cancel Speakers If Students Make ‘Imminent, Credible Threats’

Middlebury College—ground zero for one of the most sordid censorship episodes of last year, the physical attack on Charles Murray and Alison Stanger—has announced a new policy regarding guest speakers. Proposed events will be evaluated by a Threat Assessment and Management Team; if the team feels that an event attracts an “imminent and credible threat […]

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The Real Boobs Are People Who Think ESPN Must Fire Jemele Hill

Chris Kleponis/CNP/Sipa USA/NewscomClay Travis, a sports radio host known for his incendiary right-wing views, believes in only two things, “the First Amendment and boobs.” And he said so, loudly and proudly, on Brooke Baldwin’s CNN show this afternoon. His remark came during a heated discussion about the Jemele Hill controversy. Hill, a SportsCenter host and […]

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Lawyer: In Campus Rape Disputes, the Accused Should Not Be Presumed Innocent

Chris Kleponis/CNP/AdMedia/NewscomThe mask slips once again. Laura Dunn, a lawyer and prominent advocate for sexual assault victims, admitted that Title IX—the federal statute behind the Education Department’s efforts to compel universities to adjudicate sexual assault—does not require investigators to presume that accused students are innocent. Dunn thinks that’s a good thing. “A presumption of innocence […]

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Watch Robby Soave on S.E. Cupp’s Brand New Panel Show, Tonight at 7:00 P.M. on HLN

Building a wall between TV viewers and boredom Robby Soave|Aug. 23, 2017 5:25 pm Screenshot via HLNConservative commentator S.E. Cupp (formerly of MSNBC’s The Cycle and CNN’s Crossfire) and TV’s Andy Levy (formerly of Fox News’ Red Eye) debuted a brand-spanking-new panel show on HLN this week: S.E. Cupp Unfiltered. I will be making regular […]

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Feds Give University of Michigan $500,000 to Watch for Male Students Committing Microaggressions

The University of Michigan is conducting a study on male engineering students to determine whether their unconscious biases—microaggressions—are driving women out of the field. The study is funded via the National Science Foundation, which means taxpayers coughed up more than $500,000 for it.  Men are more likely than women to go into engineering, and researchers […]

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This University Cleared a Male Student of Rape, Then Re-Tried and Convicted Him Via Insane System

James Madison University initially cleared a male student of wrongdoing in a sexual assault dispute. But after his accuser appealed the decision, administrators put him through a wildly unfair additional procedure in which he was not allowed to challenge the entirety of the new evidence against him—or even appear at the second hearing. He was […]

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Wisconsin Primary, Bernie Sanders vs. Third World Poor People, Panama Papers Have Nothing to Do with Canals: P.M. Links

Bernie Sanders’ policies would be disastrous for poor people in other countries, observes Vox (correctly, for once). Today, at approximately 3:00 P.M., I decided I finally had to learn what this Panama Papers business is about. And thus, so do you. Here. (Warning: Does not involve canals. Sad!) The Trump campaign is totally collapsing. Any day […]

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Judge Forces UVA’s Jackie to Testify in Lawsuit Over False Gang Rape Story

The lies of “Jackie”—the University of Virginia student at the center of Rolling Stone‘s erroneous rape story—have finally caught up with her: Jackie will be compelled to testify as part of UVA Dean Nicole Eramo’s lawsuit against the magazine, a judge has ruled.  Eramo, who was portrayed as indifferent and unhelpful toward victims of sexual assault in the Rolling […]

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American University Dean, Law Profs Claim ‘All Lives Matter’ Flyer Violates Safe Space

The campus speech wars appear to be entering a new phase—in which straightforward and wholly appropriate political statements that impugn liberalism are derided as harassment and violence. This has been the case with the “Trump 2016” chalkings at Emory University and the University of Michigan, and it is now the case with an “All Lives […]

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