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Chomsky equals Trump to Hitler and Mussolini

[image: FILM COLLECTIVE](The Real Agenda) Liberals cannot stand Trump because he took away their dream to continue governing the United States for another 8 years with the same insanity shown by Barack Obama. The only difference between the two Liberal options was that under Hillary the US would have certainly gone to war with Russia, […]

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Catalan President Puigdemont on his way to a Spanish Jail

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and other regional government members. [image: Reuters]Puigdemont and four consellers arrested after surrendering in police station BRUSSELS – The prosecutor’s office in Brussels was preparing to order his arrest in order to appoint a judge. Belgium has not accepted the petition for political assilum and in doing so, it has condemned the Catalan leaders […]

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Puigdemont No Better than Mariano Rajoy

[image: EFE/Pool] Puigdemont responded to Rajoy’s threats with some threats of himself. In doing so, the Catalan politician demonstrated that he is no better than Rajoy. Independence, self-determination and freedom are not bargaining chips for political agendas, they are rights that people have and that should never be used as conditionals to achieve goals or to challenge […]

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Catalonia has Committed the Greatest Crime of All

[image: REUTERS/Albert Gea]The association Òmnium Cultural has published a video in English with the title “Help Catalonia” in which it denounces that the Spanish State is attacking the “fundamental rights” of the Catalans. The video takes inspiration from a Ukrainian tape broadcast in February 2014 to ask for help from the European Union in the face of […]

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Why the Catalonian Referendum Matters to Europe

(The Real Agenda News) The realization of the referendum will mark the fate of representative democracy on the continent. The Catalonian Referendum is not only a Catalan problem or a Spanish problem, but a European issue whose result may crack democracy as we know it in western Europe. The situation in Catalonia is a fight […]

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Puigdemont Warns Rajoy Not to Underestimate Catalan Determination

Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister of Spain, and Carles Puigdemont, the president of Catalonia [image: La Moncloa/Ariet/Generalitat de Catalunya]Independence has shown institutional muscle in Barcelona, with the meeting of more than 700 Catalan mayors who will collaborate with the October 1 referendum despite being investigated by the prosecution. Among them the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont. […]

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