A MUST SEE For All You Preppers Out There: A Homemade Backyard Rail Gun

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A couple months back,  I published an article about the Navy testing a new weapon system in the form of an Electromagnetic Rail Gun. And while that particular weapon was quite a bit larger than the one in this video, it’s still pretty darn cool. But you have to remember, that this backyard version of a rail gun, while workable in theory, it’s clear after firing the weapon, that these techno-geeks still have a ways to go in perfecting their version of the weapon.

The concept of a rail gun is fairly simple, railguns are being researched as a weapon with a projectile that would use neither explosives, nor propellant, but rather rely on electromagnetic forces to achieve a very high kinetic energy. While current kinetic energy penetrators such as an armor-piercing fin-stabilized discarding-sabot can achieve a muzzle velocity on the order of Mach 5, railguns can potentially exceed Mach 10,

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