A Murder Mystery Starring Volcanoes: New at Reason

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Nova documentary highlights the science of tracking down the long-term deadly effects of eruptions

‘Nova: Killer Volcanoes’Television critic Glenn Garvin, recovering from both the parade of fall premieres and Hurricane Irma, takes a breather to watch Nova: Killer Volcanoes:

After two wretchedly solid months of hurricanes, everybody who lives on the U.S. coast anywhere east of New Mexico will welcome a chance to wallow in somebody else’s misery at the hands of nature. Which makes Killer Volcanoes, an episode of the PBS science series Nova, perfectly timed. The hell with tropical depressions and vortex fixes! We salute you, magma chambers and explosive caldera eruptions!

Admittedly, I may be showing signs of post-Irma stress disorder. But Killer Volcanoes is an interesting piece of work, the tale of a hunt for the source of a monstrous 13th-century eruption so cataclysmic it would eventually

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