A Moose Was On The Loose In An Unlikely Area …

Image source: Facebook

Commuting can be tough. People have to deal with a lot of challenges, from heavy traffic to road construction to rude drivers to inclement weather. But not everyone has experienced having to sit in stopped traffic on a bridge waiting for a moose to get out of the way.

However, that was recently the case in the small coastal city of Belfast, Maine. Morning commuters encountered a moose on the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge, a main thoroughfare known as the “big bridge.” The local police department posted a photo of the animal on its Facebook page and warned followers that they “may experience heavy moose traffic on the … bridge this morning.” [1]

Comments were mostly positive, expressing tolerant amusement and a touch of “only in Maine!” pride. Several media outlets in the state picked up the story, as well, with the photo of the moose

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