A Coyote Makes Short Work Of A Cat In The Middle Of Hollywood In Broad Daylight

The more people move into outlining areas (i.e. the woods , hills and mountains), we encroach into the natural habitat of wild animals. But this particular case is something I’ll bet no one was expecting. What is a coyote doing walking around in broad daylight right smack-dab in the middle of Hollywood? The answer…is that he’s starving and looking for an easy meal.

Now, where I live in the Pacific Northwest, I see all different sorts of animals all the time, mostly at night, especially in residential neighborhoods. And since I live out in the country at the base of Livingston Mountain, I’ve even seen deer right in my own front yard…and in the middle of the day.

Habitat destruction is a leading cause of species endangerment. Habitat encroachment increases the contact between human populations and animal populations. Shrinking habitat and accessible sources of food from expanding urban and suburban land use have brought animals and humans into conflict.

According to a piece at Wide Open Spaces:

It takes one glance to notice something isn’t quite right with this coyote. As mangy as they come, the predator makes his way through the Hollywood streets and has no fear of human interaction, which is odd and scary in itself.

As the cameraman follows, the footage takes on a strange feel. The coyote literally roams the sidewalks of this urban area as if he’s the neighbor’s poodle. And then the video gets interesting.

The coyote seems to know exactly where he’s headed. Shockingly, the coyote exits a home’s landscaping with a pre-deceased cat and begins devouring it like it’s his last meal.

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