5-Year-Old Gets Suspended from School for Possession of a Gun that Shoots Bubbles

A Colorado kindergartner was suspended from school for the heinous act of bringing a piece of plastic to school.  This piece of plastic shoots bubbles.  Rather than risk other children being hurt from the soapy projectiles it was decided by the gun-control enthusiasts running our schools that this 5-year-old was better off being banned from school property for a while.

Watch news video of story below and let us know what you think:

This is the kind of nonsense that is supposed to make us feel safer?  Anyone else ready to kick these gun-control-happy idiots out of office?

Here is a transcript from the above video:

Brighton, Colo. – A 5 year-old Colorado girl was suspended from kindergarten on Monday for bringing a gun to her elementary school.

It sounds alarming, but the weapon was a bubble gun, a popular plastic toy sold at stores across the country.



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