5 Gun Myths That Nearly Everyone Believes … Debunked

Image source: StateOfGuns

Spend enough time in the wrong gun shop or around friends who think they know a lot about shooting, and you will hear a lot of misconceptions, lies and outright myths that are parroted as fact.

We hear them all the time. Like most myths, there is often a shred of truth to them, but we want to get to the whole truth.

The following are five of the most common myths, busted:

1. Just rack the slide of your pump-action shotgun and the bad guys will abandon the scene of the crime.

There may be a shred of truth to this, going back to the 1930s when some farmer encountered hobos in his barn or the 1960s if it was hippies in his cow pasture looking for mushrooms.

Sadly, this cannot be taken as gospel and in a real world attack via home invasion…

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