10 ‘Unidentified Creatures’ Found…Can Science Finally Sort It All Out ?

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Now before you start with all of the smart-aleck comments without even watching the video, take a few minutes and watch it BEFORE you comment. There is one thing you should consider; Scientists are continuously finding new, or in some cases, ‘extinct’ species every single day.

Why just a few years back, a coelacanth,  a fish thought to have been extinct for more than 65 million years, has popped-up in commercial fisherman’s nets and even in fish markets throughout Asia.

So before you dismiss all of  as nothing more than some silly fantasy, remain open to other possibilities, watch the entire video and see for yourself.

Here are the descriptions of 5 out of the 10 animals mentioned in the video:

# 5 Zuiyo-Maru Carcass In April of 1977, a Japanese trawler was sailing around New Zealand when their net got tangled in a huge mass. They run their nets at

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