KIM LAUNCHED ANOTHER MISSILE—Guess Which U.S. States Are His Targets??

Here’s the link that goes with the video: Get The Tea: Need Food Storage: Prodovite: DONATE To Lisa Haven Via Patreon- For More Information See: USA Today Report- Liberty Writers Report- Breitbart Report- Daily Mail Report- Express Report- Subscribe to My Website at: Like […]

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Trump Slams Lil Kim’s Failed Test Launch, Warns Situation Is Bad

President Trump has been briefed. Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yoshida Suga notes that one missile was test-fired and seen to drop within Korean territory – strongly protests the action. US Pacific Command confirms that the missile didn’t leave North Korean territory, didn’t pose a threat to North America. Furthermore, as AP adds, the launched missile was […]

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Russia unveils new remote-controlled robot tank with 30mm automatic gun and six missiles

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on End Time Headlines The Russian army has been putting one of the world’s biggest military robots through its paces, acting as a further reminder of Russia’s increasing military strength…. Read more at End Time Headlines. Click here to Read this Entire Story on End Time […]

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